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It was early in the morning and Tails had called Sonic over to tell him something exiting. He brought Amy with him too, as she wanted to go. When Tails saw them run past his window, he opened the door straight away for them.
"Hiya Sonic! Hiya Amy! Glad you came quick when you did!" he said as he shut the door behind them.
"Hey buddy, what was it you wanted to tell me?" Sonic said.
"Well, remember last year when I built that shrink ray? And it shrunk Kyra and Ace and then you ate them?"
"Oh yeah, you told me about that." Amy said.
"Yeah…?" Sonic said sheepishly.
"Well remember when they went back to normal by themselves?"
"Yeah, I would have had a MASSIVE stomach ache if they hadn't of gotten out in time!" Sonic moaned, clutching his stomach at the though of it.
"Well I discovered how they did that!" Tails said, jumping up and down.
"How?" Amy asked.
"It's a bit complicated, and the name's too long for you to understand, so I'll just say it simply: the bigger the object you shrink, the less time it takes to go back to it's original size!"
"That's amazing, Tails! How'd you find that out?" Sonic said, astounded.
"Through a German website. Dire gave it to me because she knew how much I liked mechanics. I think I've worked out something along the lines of…it takes 1 minute per kilo the object weighs. So it makes sense it took about 50 minutes for Ace, combined with Kyra, to revert back to their normal sizes."
"Where's your shrink ray? I want to see you try it out!" said Amy.
"It's in the backroom. Sonic, can you go get it please?"
"Sure thing!"
Sonic walked off to go get it while Tails went to find something to shrink. Amy stayed where she was and waited.
It the backroom Sonic thought he saw every kind of tool there was. There was just so many! But as he looked around, on a bench covered in wood shavings, he saw the shrink ray. He picked it up and took it back to Tails. He had a chilidog sitting on a plate. Sonic's eyes dilated and he licked his lips.
"Thanks Sonic, for getting that. Now there's something else I'd modified about this."
"What's that?" Sonic asked, not taking his attention away from the chilidog.
"Before, it was ZAP and the thing shrunk; same as going back to normal. Now it's at a more slowed pace so you can stop whenever you want and not have shrunk by X10 only."
"Ok, can you just get on with it? I think my Sonic's getting a bit hungry." Amy giggled.
"Right, sorry. Ok, stand clear."
Tails flipped a switch and the rings around the ray went from yellow to red. A red beam shot out and hit the chilidog, slowly shrinking it. He stopped when it was about the size of a tic-tac.
"That's pretty cool!" Amy gasped.
"Hey, is it safe to eat?" Sonic asked.
"Of course but-
Sonic didn't hesitate and swallowed the mini chilidog.
"You're gonna get a stomach ache when that goes back to normal." Tails sighed.
"I'd rather have that then two hedgehogs inside me!"
Then Amy's stomach growled.
"Sorry, I didn't have any breakfast this morning." She blushed.
"I'll get some more chilidogs, be right back!" Tails said.
As he turned around to walk off, none of them saw him knock the shrink ray off the table and onto the floor with his tails. The jolt as it hit the floor made it fire a small beam and made Sonic decrease to Amy's height.
"Hey Amy, have you gotten taller?" he said, none the wiser of what happened.
"Hey you're the same height as me! Maybe I had a growth spurt?" she shrugged.
"Maybe you did. Oh it doesn't matter."
After a minute of waiting, the two heard a loud crash. Tails then called out, "Sonic! Amy! Can one of you help me?"
"Coming Tails!" Amy called out.
Amy rushed off to help Tails and left Sonic alone. He looked around and saw a picture over on a bench of him and Tails. Sonic went to take a closer look at it, but didn't see the shrink ray on the floor. He stepped on it and crushed it.
"Hey! Why's everything getting bigger?!" Sonic cried.
But it wasn't that everything was getting bigger; Sonic was shrinking! He shrunk until he was the size of a tic-tac himself. He turned around and saw the crushed shrink ray on the floor.
"Ohhh that can't be good…" he said.
Then Amy came back with Tails by her side. Tails was carrying a plate with three chilidogs on it. Sonic blushed as he tried not to look up Amy's dress from where he was standing.
"Huh. I wonder where Sonic went?" Amy said, looking around.
"I dunno. Probably went to the bathroom." Tails said.
"I gotta get them to notice me!" Sonic mumbled.
He looked at the table leg closest to him; perfect! He ran back a couple of metres (in comparison with him) and took a running jump. Sonic was just fast enough so he could run up the table leg and onto the tabletop.
Now he was on top, he could see everything! Life was much different from this point of view. But Tails and Amy weren't looking in Sonic's direction. Amy's stomach growled again, but to Sonic, it sounded like a large dog!
"Have a chilidog anyway, Amy; you're so hungry and all." Tails offered.
"Thanks Tails."
Sonic had to be noticed by those two pronto! He thought quickly, but hard at the same time. Then when he saw Amy reach for a chilidog, an idea struck him! Sonic quickly ran over to the chilidog and jumped onto it just as Amy lifted it up.
"Phew! That was close!" Sonic sighed.
He thought Amy should see him by now, but irony had to get in the way. She closed her eyes just as she brought the chilidog up to her face.
"No Amy! No don't do it!" Sonic yelled.
But Amy didn't hear him and bit off part of the chilidog – with Sonic on it! He fell onto something pink, soft and sticky – Sonic guessed it was her tongue. It was dark but warm inside Amy's mouth. Then the lights came on and went off again – Amy was chewing the chilidog.
"I gotta move fast if I don't want to be a Sonic pancake!" Sonic said as he ducked the grinding teeth.
Once everything around him was a fine gooey paste, here came the next part. Sonic clung tight to Amy's tongue as he tried not to be swallowed. But the force was too strong and he went down with the rest of the chewed up contents.
"Augh! Now I know how a chilidog feels." Sonic groaned as he landed in Amy's stomach acid.

Back outside, Amy just happened to look for Tails' shrink ray. But she couldn't find it.
"Hey Tails, did you take your shrink ray back?" she asked.
"No, why?"
"It's not on the table anymore."
Tails looked at the table. Nothing was there except Sonic's chilidog and a wrench. Then he started searching the floor.
"Must of fallen off…"
Then he saw the smashed mess. Tails rushed around the other side of the table and bent down. He scooped up the broken parts in his hands.
"Oh man! My shrink ray! It looks like it's been stepped on!"
"But who could of stepped on it, I certainly didn't-
Amy gasped. Tails looked up at her.
"What is it?"
"I think I know where Sonic is."
"Yeah, where?" Tails said, getting up.
"I know it might sound silly but I think he was the one who stepped on the ray and…got shrunk."
"Uh oh…"
"'Uh oh' in deed!'" Sonic called out from inside Amy's stomach, but neither of them heard him.
"Sonic! Where are you! Oh Tails, how fast can you fix your shrink ray?" Amy said.
"Well it took me a few days to build it, but I don't know how long it'll take to repair." Tails shrugged.
"Well you gotta fix it fast! Without it, Sonic'll be gone forever!" Amy said, panicking now.
"He'll go back to his normal size eventually, Amy; don't worry. I think it'll only take around 35 minutes…unless Sonic lost weight since…"
"You gotta fix it Tails!"
"Ok, ok! Don't worry, I'll start fixing it right now!" Tails said and he ran off with the broken ray in his hands.
Amy went back to eating her chilidog.
"Oh…I hope you're alright Sonic…where ever you are." she said.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just fine." Sonic muttered.
But it was too soft for Amy to hear. Last time he had walkie-talkies to communicate with Ace and Kyra. But now he was going to be stuck inside Amy for heaven knows how long. He really didn't want to cause Amy to have a stomachache as much as he was glad he didn't get one last time. So if Tails didn't hurry up, Amy would be paying the price. Though it did sort of help with Amy continually rubbing her stomach. It felt actually quite pleasant.
He walked over and placed a hand on the wall of Amy's stomach.
"Oh Amy…if only you knew where I was…" he sighed.
Then Sonic heard a gulp, and he looked up just in time to see another bit of chilidog land in the stomach. Sonic thought she'd finished eating, but then another bite came down.
"Amy! Are you eating my chilidog? If so I'm gonna kill you!" Sonic said, "Or at least give you bad indigestion…"

Many more minutes passed. Tails was still working on the broken shrink ray, and Amy was still clueless as to where Sonic was, even though he kept running his hand against the wall of her stomach. It didn't seem to capture Amy's attention at all.
More time passed at a slow pace. Time seemed to have stopped for Sonic while he was in this cramped stomach. But then he heard Amy yawn. It sounded more like a lion's roar.
"Hey Sonic, I'm just gonna go lie down for a sec, ok? Just telling ya so I don't step on you." she said.
"Why do you even need to ask my permission? You can't hear me for heaven's sake! Oh, and by the way…I'm down here for crying out loud!" Sonic shouted back.
Sonic thought he was going to be thrown around when Amy got up, but all he felt was a slight movement. Then there was that feeling, like when you're trying to get to sleep and you feel like your whole world has literally turned upside down, and everything moved around inside Amy's stomach – she'd obviously lain down on Tails' couch. The sound of Amy snoring confirmed she was asleep.
"Gee, if she falls asleep this quickly, she'll be no fun when-
Then Sonic's head seemed to automatically turn to the entrance of the throat.
"Hey! What if while Amy's lying down, I can run up her throat and out!" Sonic grinned.
He moved closer to the entrance of the throat and looked up. It seemed just big enough for Sonic to blot up.
He then hesitated, thinking of what would happen if he went back to his normal size while instead her throat…
"I'll be quick, I promise." Sonic said, even though Amy couldn't hear him.
Sonic quickly softened his quills down so he wouldn't prick her throat. Taking a deep breath, he got ready to run.

He timed it just right that as he neared her mouth, it opened, and Sonic jumped out. Before Sonic could brace himself, Amy rolled over slightly and knocked Sonic onto the couch. With all his strength, he gripped onto the threads, and saved himself from falling any further.
"Phew…! How many guys can say they know their girlfriend from the inside out?" Sonic chuckled.
He gently let himself down onto the floor and rested his back against the couch. But just as he closed his eyes, a sharp pain shot through his spine.
"What the-
Sonic looked down at himself and couldn't believe what he was seeing – his body was starting to swell up! Not knowing what was going on, Sonic watched as he got bigger and bigger.
"Hang on…I'm just going back to normal!" Sonic laughed.
In no more than a minute, Sonic was now back to his 100cm height. Then a sudden jerk in his height confirmed it. He spun around and shook Amy gently awake.
"Amy! Hey Amy! Guess what!" he said.
"Hm? What is it Sonic? Wha- Sonic?!" she stammered, opening her eyes, "Oh my gosh you're back to normal!"
She leapt of the couch and hugged Sonic tight.
"Oh, sorry…" she giggled, loosening her grip, "I just can't believe you're back so soon!"
Then Tails rushed into the lounge.
"I heard shouting, is everything- Sonic! You're back!" Tails exclaimed
"Sure am." He grinned.
Suddenly Tails smirked.
"What?" Sonic and Amy asked.
"You took less time than I thought to grow back to normal. Have you…?"
"Blame the chilidogs!" Sonic blushed.
"Never mind," Amy giggled, "I like a man with more meat on him," and she playfully tickled his stomach.
"At least everything's back to normal again." Tails sighed.
Suddenly they heard someone rush past outside. Then the soft voice of Silhouette was heard, "What do you mean pink makes me look fat?! Get back here Shadow!" Followed by the whooshing of her running past as well.
Sonic, Amy and Tails all looked at each other and burst out laughing. At least some things were back to normal…
A little vore story following on from my video "Sonic Vore Video 2" - with the script work done by :iconchris170389:

This is set in January 2011 I might add :D
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Yes I have a YouTube in the same username though I rarely make videos anymore.
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#chaos is outside tails lab, playing his arcade machine and sonic hears the video game SFX from it
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